Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grand Theft Auto IV - tjackm0d

The tjackm0d is a mod for Grand Theft Auto IV that gives you a good array of abilities, it is best used for multiplayer which means all the more destruction for us, it also works on singleplayer. Tjackm0d also works for The EFLC series.

Unlimited Ammo
Car Godmode
Big Explosion
Unlock all islands

Hotkeys and full feature list:

Numpad 7 - [Multiplayer] Get into players vehicle.
Numpad 8 - [Multiplayer] Go to player.
Numpad 9 - Random outfit

Numpad 4 - [Multiplayer] Super Explosion on all players.
Numpad 5 - [Multiplayer] Simple Explosion on all players.
Numpad 6 - Spawn bodyguard.

Numpad 1 - Toggle Car Godmode
Numpad 2 - Toggle Anti Fall-of-bike
Numpad 3 - Toggle Godmode

Numpad 0 - [ALT + Numpad 0 = $10k, CONTROL + Numpad 0 = $100k, SHIFT + Numpad 0 = $1000k]

SHIFT + W - Give Weapon 1
CONTROL + W - Give Weapon 2

CONTROL + SPACE - Super Jump
ALT + W - Car Speedup
ALT + S - Car Speedup (Back)
CONTROL + S - Car Super Brake / Instant Stop
ALT + Q - Flip Car
DELETE - Toggle Police Ignore/Engage Player

CONTROL+G - Toggle Gravity
CONTROL+X - [MULTIPLAYER] Spawn player-attacking ped
CONTROL+Z - [MULTIPLAYER] Explode all peds on the world
CONTROL+K - [MULTIPLAYER] Kick all players (if you are the host)
CONTROL+M - Toggle Mad Drivers
CONTROL+U - Unlock map/all islands

CONTROL+TAB - Show Save Menu
CONTROL+F5 - Teleport to Airport (pos 1)
CONTROL+F6 - Teleport to Airport (pos 2)
CONTROL+F7 - Teleport to Airport (pos 3)
CONTROL+F8 - Teleport to Helicopter Tour
CONTROL+F9 - Teleport to Triangle Club (Strip Club)
CONTROL+F10 - Teleport to Alderny City Safe House
CONTROL+F11 - Save Waypoint
CONTROL+F12 - Teleport to Waypoint
ALT+F5 - Spawn SultanRS
ALT+F6 - Spawn Comet
ALT+F7 - Spawn Sanchez
ALT+F8 - Spawn NRG900
ALT+F9 - Spawn Infernus
ALT+F10 - Spawn SuperGT
ALT+F11 - Spawn Turismo
ALT+F12 - Spawn Annihilator
CONTROL+T - Toggle Never Get Tired
CONTROL+I - Toggle Ignored By Everyone
CONTROL+L - Toggle Car Visibility
OEMPLUS (The "+" near your backspace)- Unlimited Ammo
CONTROL+O - Lock All Car Doors

ALT+Z - Toggle Weather
ALT+V - Toggle Can Be Shot In Vehicle

PAGEUP - Toggle Menu

Copy all the files into your GTAIV installation folder. ( This method is also used for the EFLC series)


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