Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Counter - Strike Source Undetectable Bunnyhop Script and Wallhack.

I have a couple of scripts to share for Counter - Strike Source. I will share a Bunny hop Script and a Wallhack which includes Crosshair and a material wallhack. Meterial hacks do not work on servers running the "sv_pure2" setting but the bunny hop script works on all servers. Have fun scripting!
Just a word of warning the wallhack has this stupid bomb thing going off when you start it so I recommend you turning down your volume.
The Wallhack hotkeys are somewhere from F1 to F12 I forgot find it for yourself anyways have a great time.

Your Anti-Virus may say its a trojan its a false report. Disable your AV if you want to use the wallhack.

Richard Yates

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