Tuesday, January 29, 2013

C++ and how it is good for game hacking

So.. C++ is a programming language, probably the hardest to learn (in my opinion), it has a reputation in the game-hacking world as one of those languages you need to know in order to get somewhere, i started out making Minecraft clients in Java, and java is a great language, once you get the hang of it, you know what to do, C++ on the other hand is not entirely like that, you see, the commands and functions you type in code in C++ are all somewhat computer based, by that i mean you can run system commands through C++, the core commands and functions, that sort of thing, that's why it's a great language for game hacking, because you can inject and get into the program using the basis of your computer, which, for example, there is an injection method that uses an API in windows that hooks into every single process running, they just use that and add their hacking tool to the list of programs the API has hooked then it has access to everything.

SO. you want to know C++?
you want to learn all about C++?

Have some E-Books (I want you to study every single word of every single page until you're a C++ master, then by that time you'll know what to do in terms of coding hacks):

Password for file: hackforums

Credit: ℬrizzel

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