Wednesday, January 30, 2013

*Updated* XBhop source engine bunnyhop program

I have got a new Bunny hop program called XBhop created by Kinepak for Counter - Strike Source, Counter - Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat. The Bunny hop program bypasses the "SMAC Anti - Hack" plugin for most Source based games. The program does not I repeat does not VAC ban you. Anyways have fun B-hopping.

Your Anti-Virus may say its a Trojan its a false report. Disable your AV if you want to use the bunny hop program.



Richard Yates

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

C++ and how it is good for game hacking

So.. C++ is a programming language, probably the hardest to learn (in my opinion), it has a reputation in the game-hacking world as one of those languages you need to know in order to get somewhere, i started out making Minecraft clients in Java, and java is a great language, once you get the hang of it, you know what to do, C++ on the other hand is not entirely like that, you see, the commands and functions you type in code in C++ are all somewhat computer based, by that i mean you can run system commands through C++, the core commands and functions, that sort of thing, that's why it's a great language for game hacking, because you can inject and get into the program using the basis of your computer, which, for example, there is an injection method that uses an API in windows that hooks into every single process running, they just use that and add their hacking tool to the list of programs the API has hooked then it has access to everything.

SO. you want to know C++?
you want to learn all about C++?

Have some E-Books (I want you to study every single word of every single page until you're a C++ master, then by that time you'll know what to do in terms of coding hacks):

Password for file: hackforums

Credit: ℬrizzel

Counter - Strike Source Undetectable Bunnyhop Script and Wallhack.

I have a couple of scripts to share for Counter - Strike Source. I will share a Bunny hop Script and a Wallhack which includes Crosshair and a material wallhack. Meterial hacks do not work on servers running the "sv_pure2" setting but the bunny hop script works on all servers. Have fun scripting!
Just a word of warning the wallhack has this stupid bomb thing going off when you start it so I recommend you turning down your volume.
The Wallhack hotkeys are somewhere from F1 to F12 I forgot find it for yourself anyways have a great time.

Your Anti-Virus may say its a trojan its a false report. Disable your AV if you want to use the wallhack.

Richard Yates

World Of Warcraft Error 114 Fix

I'm basically going to show you how to fix the " Error #114" error. I have been researching for over  6 hours to find the solution and I have found the solution. I'm just going to note this may not work for some so good luck. This error is also common for Australian New Zealand ISP's (Internet Service Provider) and is a DNS issue. If this method does not work you might need to call your ISP. Note you need administrator privileges.


1. First of all be sure to have the World of Warcraft download finished so you can play without lag!
2. Go to your World of Warcraft launcher then go to Options > Game Preferences. 

Copy these settings.
Note that you can have your Language settings to your language.

4. Now time to change your network settings on your World Of Warcraft Launcher.

Copy these settings.

5. You might need administrator privileges for this. Now go to your Windows bar and go to Control panel > Network and Internet > View network status and tasks > Change Adapter settings.
6. Now you right click what ever network you are using and click properties. Click "Internet Protocol TCP/IPv6" then properties and use these settings.

                                Note that those DNS servers are Google's servers if you don't really          
                                believe it look it up. Also remember to check Validate Settings upon exit.

7. Now click ok
8. Click "Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4" then properties and use these settings.
                                  Note that those DNS servers are Google's servers if you don't really          
                                  believe it look it up. Also remember to check Validate Settings upon exit.

9.Now time to get to the hard bit if you are new to the command line. First of all go to your Windows bar and search for "cmd" (Without the quotes) in the text field below "All Programs".
10.After that open cmd and type the following commands one by one. Once you have entered a command wait a couple of seconds till you can type again.
11. Type in "ipconfig /release" (without the quotes)
12. Type in "ipconfig /renew" (without the quotes)
13. Type in "ipconfig /flushdns" (without the quotes)
14. Now go to World of Warcraft and try it out, like I said if it doesn't work for you bad luck I guess.

Richard Yates

Grand Theft Auto IV - tjackm0d

The tjackm0d is a mod for Grand Theft Auto IV that gives you a good array of abilities, it is best used for multiplayer which means all the more destruction for us, it also works on singleplayer. Tjackm0d also works for The EFLC series.

Unlimited Ammo
Car Godmode
Big Explosion
Unlock all islands

Hotkeys and full feature list:

Numpad 7 - [Multiplayer] Get into players vehicle.
Numpad 8 - [Multiplayer] Go to player.
Numpad 9 - Random outfit

Numpad 4 - [Multiplayer] Super Explosion on all players.
Numpad 5 - [Multiplayer] Simple Explosion on all players.
Numpad 6 - Spawn bodyguard.

Numpad 1 - Toggle Car Godmode
Numpad 2 - Toggle Anti Fall-of-bike
Numpad 3 - Toggle Godmode

Numpad 0 - [ALT + Numpad 0 = $10k, CONTROL + Numpad 0 = $100k, SHIFT + Numpad 0 = $1000k]

SHIFT + W - Give Weapon 1
CONTROL + W - Give Weapon 2

CONTROL + SPACE - Super Jump
ALT + W - Car Speedup
ALT + S - Car Speedup (Back)
CONTROL + S - Car Super Brake / Instant Stop
ALT + Q - Flip Car
DELETE - Toggle Police Ignore/Engage Player

CONTROL+G - Toggle Gravity
CONTROL+X - [MULTIPLAYER] Spawn player-attacking ped
CONTROL+Z - [MULTIPLAYER] Explode all peds on the world
CONTROL+K - [MULTIPLAYER] Kick all players (if you are the host)
CONTROL+M - Toggle Mad Drivers
CONTROL+U - Unlock map/all islands

CONTROL+TAB - Show Save Menu
CONTROL+F5 - Teleport to Airport (pos 1)
CONTROL+F6 - Teleport to Airport (pos 2)
CONTROL+F7 - Teleport to Airport (pos 3)
CONTROL+F8 - Teleport to Helicopter Tour
CONTROL+F9 - Teleport to Triangle Club (Strip Club)
CONTROL+F10 - Teleport to Alderny City Safe House
CONTROL+F11 - Save Waypoint
CONTROL+F12 - Teleport to Waypoint
ALT+F5 - Spawn SultanRS
ALT+F6 - Spawn Comet
ALT+F7 - Spawn Sanchez
ALT+F8 - Spawn NRG900
ALT+F9 - Spawn Infernus
ALT+F10 - Spawn SuperGT
ALT+F11 - Spawn Turismo
ALT+F12 - Spawn Annihilator
CONTROL+T - Toggle Never Get Tired
CONTROL+I - Toggle Ignored By Everyone
CONTROL+L - Toggle Car Visibility
OEMPLUS (The "+" near your backspace)- Unlimited Ammo
CONTROL+O - Lock All Car Doors

ALT+Z - Toggle Weather
ALT+V - Toggle Can Be Shot In Vehicle

PAGEUP - Toggle Menu

Copy all the files into your GTAIV installation folder. ( This method is also used for the EFLC series)


Anti Virus Proof:

VirusTotal Scan

Anything we post here will be safe.


Monday, January 28, 2013

How to make a health modifying game trainer in Visual Basic

Alright, so you want to make a game trainer, the first thing you'll need is Visual Basic, the second is a game, the third is Cheat Engine ( and that's about it.

What you'll want to do is make a new visual basic project and add an existing item, make it the following module: (you need to download it)

So once you've got the module installed you'll want to open it up and find the "Terraria" part and change it to the name of your game, i.e "Halo" or something like that.

Next, you'll want to go back to your form and create a textbox, and a button, then double click the button so it opens the "On Click" event. this is where we need CheatEngine.

Open cheat engine and open your game and then look at how much health you have in the game, then go into cheat engine and scan for the amount of health, then go back in game and injure yourself so you loose health, then go back into cheat engine and scan for the new amount of health, that should narrow the results down to a few or one, if it's just one copy down the address and then go back into visual basic and write in the "On Click" event of the button: WriteInt('addressgoeshere', textbox1.text) note that when you put the address in you'll need to add &H at the beginning so that it doesn't screw up.

So you've successfully changed your health now, debug the program and change your health then check in game just to be sure. you can do this for Ammo, Armor, you could probably even do this for online games, the only thing is i doubt you could modify your health or armor or ammo on an online game as that stuff is usually handled by the server, so you can't modify it at all.